Rules of Dukla Wolf Race

1. Purpose of the competition
Popularization of mountain biking and cycling in Poland and Slovakia.
2. Promotion of local, regional and international routes and tourist destinations.
3. Selection the best riders in the international marathon-stage MTB race in Poland and Slovakia.
4. Promoting a healthy lifestyle and active and recreation.

2. Name of the event

Dukla Wolf Race

3. Organizer
MOSiR Dukla

Official website:

Bank account number:
…………………………………… ..
4. Date of the event

10 – 11 – 12 May 2019

5. Stages

1st stage – 10.05.2019
2nd stage  – 11.05.2019
3rd stage  – 12.05.2019

The approximate total length of the route distance, obout 200 km
The approximate difference in levels distance about 6000 m

6. Participation rules

The participant of Dukla Wolf Race will be the person who fulfills the following conditions:

– Fill in the application form published on the website:

By filling in the application form (electronic or written) the participant accepts the following clauses:
a. By signing up to participate in the competition the participant accepts the rules of the event and agree to the free use of his image captured in the form of photographs or video recording, and grants the Organiser loyalty-free license to use it in all fields of usage, including preservation and dissemination in any form and introduction to computer memory, used to promote and conduct Organizer’s events, providing sponsors and partners events to promote them in the context of participation in the event, posting and publishing in Organizer publications for promotional printed materials, in newspapers, on websites and in communications TV and radio. The participant also agree to the processing of personal data for purposes related to the organization and promotion of events and acknowledges that he is entitled to inspect the contents of the data and correct them, the data will be kept in a safe place, they will not be sold to third parties or any organizations. By enrolling in the event the participant declares that he consents to provide first aid, perform other medical procedures and transport the victim to a safe place, medical and paramedical personnel acting on behalf of the organizer. Participant acknowledges that participation in a sporting event is associated with physical effort and entails the natural risk of accidents, injuries and physical injuries (including death), as well as damages and losses of property. In addition, participation in the competition may involve different, impossible at this time to predict risk factors. The signing of a declaration of knowledge of the regulations means that the Participant has considered and assessed the scope and nature of the risks of participation in the event, takes part voluntarily and at own risk.

b. I hereby give consent for my personal data included in my application to be processed for the purposes of the recruitment process under the Personal Data Protection Act as of 29 August 1997, consolidated text: Journal of Laws 2016, item 922 as amended. I have the right to inspect their data, correct or delete them.

– make the fee payment within the prescribed time limit in the regulations (preferred payments through Internet banks). Original proof of payment (in justified cases) should be available for inspection at the race office.

6.1. The right to take part in Dukla Wolf Race have only persons over 18 years old.

6.2. Each participant is required to drive in a protective helmet.

7. Age categories


Category M2 – men from 18 to 30 years (year of birth 1989-2001)
Category M3 – men from 31 to 40 years (year of birth 1979-1988)
Category M4 – men from 41 to 50 years (year of birth 1969-1978)
M5 category – men 51 years (year of birth 1968 and older)

Category K2 – women from 18 to 30 years (year of birth 1989-2001)
Category K3 – women from 31 to 40 years (year of birth 1979-1988)
Category K4 – women from 41 years old (year of birth 1978 and older)

Man (2 men)
Mix (1 male, 1 female)

8. Fees

from 14.10.2018 – 200 zł
from  30.11.2018 till 25.03.2019 – 250 zł
from  26.03.2019 till 23.04.2019 – 350 zł
from  24.04.2019 till 06.05.2019 – 500 zł

9. Rules of the competition race

Stage race Dukla Wolf Race will be played in accordance with these rules.

All disputes, not included in the rules will be decided by the Ground Jury in consultation with the organizer of the Dukla Wolf Race.

Right to take part in the competition have the individual players and the team. Team are the min. 2 people, who will be classified in the category of MAN (men only) and MIX (min. 1 female).

Entry limit is 400 players (for stage race)

The winners in each category in the general classification will be players and teams, who in the shortest total time will ride through 3 stages of  Dukla Wolf Race.

The winners of the individual stages will be the participants and teams, who will ride in the shortest time at the given stage.

Lack or damaging the start number disabling  judges to read it will be punished.

To start the race, only mountain bikes in good technical condition will be allowed. Participants are responsible for the condition of the bike during the race.

During the competition doctor of Dukla Wolf Race is allowed to withdraw a participant who is not physically able to continue the race.

Start of the first stage will be at  11.00. Second stage will start at 10.00. Start of the third stage will take place at 10.00.

The start line will remain open for 15 minutes. from the start signal. Competitors starting after the given time will not be included in the stage results and will not be qualified at the finish.

At the start of the first stage participants  will begin in mass start.
For stages 2 – 3 players will be placed according to the results in Open classification after 1st stage.

»1 sector: positions 1 – 30, in addition to the leaders of each category
»2 sector: positions 31 – 60,
»3rd sector: positions below 61.
Start sectors will be open: prior to the stage 1st  at 10.45, before the 2nd and 3rd  the stage  at 9.45.
In special cases, the organizer reserves the right to place individual player in a given sector (based on the declared level of sport or the results obtained in other races).

Limit entry to run the stages is 18.00.

Participants not finishing the race within the time limit may continue the race, but will not be taken into account in the classifications. In exceptional cases the organizer allows to classify a player who does not fit within the time limit upon application.

Stage winners must be present at the awards ceremony. Decoration of the winners at the end of each stage will take place at. 18.00. For absence from the podium will be assigned to time penalties: for first absence 3 minutes, each additional 5 minutes.

The route will be marked and permanently protected by judges and paramedics.

Checkpoints will be located on the route. Missing one single point of control will result in disqualification.

Feeding points will be located on the route of Dukla Wolf Race.

All equipment repairs or other situations requiring the team to stop must be within the course visibility without obstructing other participants.

10. Classification

The winner of the general classification will be the participants who finishes the 3 stages of  Dukla Wolf Race in the shortest time in total. In case of identical total time for two or more participants  the higher position in the last stage will be considered as the winning one, after which general classification will be announced. After each stage, the leader will be announced in the general classification. In case of identical total time by two or more competitors, one placed higher in the final stage will be the winner.

Team classification is a classification based on the individual results of Open Women and Open Men individual stages of Dukla Wolf Race. The time for the team classification is calculated according to the overall scheme.

11. Prizes

At various stages, the best 3 players in each age category will be awarded sports trophies or prizes. The three best teams will be awarded trophies sports.

In the general classification of Dukla Wolf Race 3 best players in each age category and the 3 best teams will be awarded sports trophies, prizes or cash.

Everyone rewarded players and teams are required to attend the award ceremony held at the end of each stage and the final awards ceremony.

12. Penalties

The Jury, in consultation with the organizer may impose the following penalties:

1. Reprimand.
2. Time penalty
3. Disqualification.

A team can be penalized by the Organizer in particular for:

»Not wearing protective helmets,
»Excessive litter (except the special zone of 200 m within every food zone)
„Disregard for the environment,
„Shortcomings in equipment, affecting driving safety,
»Non-compliance with the principles of fair play,
»Unsportsmanlike behavior.
»Pushing or pulling of a rider by third parties,
»Breaking the rules of the road,

In the case of disqualification, the organizer does not return the entry fee.

13. Withdrawal competitor in the race

Players withdrawing from the competition during the Dukla Wolf Race, not depending on the reasons for the withdrawal are obliged to immediately inform the organizer before the start or after the end of the stage.

If a player retires during the stage, it should be reported by calling the telephone number
+48 570 293 946 in order to prevent a rescue action.

In case of not notifying the organizer of the withdrawal from the race, all rescue activities undertaken will be covered by the participant.

In special cases, taking into consideration safety of all the players, the Organizer in cooperation with race doctor has the right to withdraw the team from the competition.

14. Suggested player’s equipment

„At least 2 liters of fluid.
»Bars or energy gels,
»Basic toolkit for bike repairs,
»Spare inner tube,

15. Recommended equipment player

Dukla Wolf Race is a stage race in which riders follow the route. We recommend that each participant should have the odometer, device with GPS navigation and mobile phone.

16. Traffic

The Dukla Wolf Race will take place with unrestricted road traffic.

Right-hand traffic is in force in Poland and the Slovak Republic. All participants on public roads should move to the right lane and strictly comply with the road law.

Participants must bear in mind the possibility of appearing vehicles from the fields, forest roads or buildings.

The organizer will not take responsibility for any traffic accidents or collisions on the route.

17. Protests

Protests to the Chief Commissary can be submitted in written form during the competition. A protest must be accompanied by a deposit of 100 PLN. The deposit will not be returned unless the Chief Judge in consultation with the Organizer takes judgment. The final decision belongs to the Chief Judge.
18. Additional information

The organizer does not take responsibility for accidents on the way to the competition and  from it.

Each participant takes part in the competition at their own risk.

Organizer is not responsible for things lost during the competition.

The organizer shall not be liable for any traffic accidents or collisions on the route.

Lack of knowledge of the rules will not be considered as an excuse.

Participants without starting numbers moving on the bike on the route of the marathon will be removed from the route by maintenance.

On the route of each stage there are steep climbs and dangerous descents.

The race will take place regardless of weather conditions.

The organizer reserves the right to cancel the event due to natural disasters or other deemed „force majeure”.

All players are asked not to leave litter on the marathon route and take special concern of the environment.

In case of resignation from the event organizer does not pay  the refund of entry fee.

Participant stage race Dukla Wolf Race completing and signing the entry form agrees to the terms of stage race and allows the processing of personal data by the Organizer.

Organizer with the Chief Judge have the right to interpret the rules and amendment them.